How to Celebrate Results Day

Some people already know that they’ve done well for this year’s worth of work, and other’s will be finding out soon. Now, I imagine a lot of you will want to shake off all of the metaphorical dust which has gathered all over you during your long periods of study and, as such, I’ve decided to write you a little guide for how to have a really shackle shakingly fun time on Results Day.

1. Go to Sainsbury’s.
This popular supermarket should be pretty easy for you to find and, indeed, even if you can’t find it any alternative should do. Now, a visit to Sainsbury’s is a fun filled exciting day all on its own, but this is just going to be a small part of your celebratory day.

2. Buy an Angel Delight
This shouldn’t be hard to find, they’ll be either in the home baking section or the dried milk section. Alternatively, you can follow my link above and buy it from Amazon. However, Amazon purchases are more expensive AND they negate the fun trip to Sainsbury’s so it clearly is the less desirable option.

3. Plan a time to eat the Angel Delight
Whenever you’re free will do. It might be nice to watch a film during this time too because then you have an extra sensory stimulus, rather than just the taste.

4. Do Not Invite Your Friends
I mean, let’s face it, you have a small circle of friends and you don’t want to be suffering the pain of rejection on a celebration day do you?

5. Make The Angel Delight.
Follow instruction on the bag for details.

6. Eat the Angel Delight
I hope you will have enjoyed my results day celebration procedure.

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