How to Make Call Centre Work More Exciting

Recently I’ve been doing some part time work in a call centre. It’s not very exciting. It’s just taking a call, speaking to a customer, then taking another call and repeating the process for several hours. On the one hand, it’s easy, stress-free work, but it can get boring. So, sometimes I try and think of ways that I could make the work more entertaining.

Now, just to be clear, I didn’t come up with anything that would actually make things interesting, but I did come up with something which, if it existed, would help. So, as the day goes by, a counter fills up and you see how many calls you have had. I had the idea: what if that counter was actually earning you points in a game? Then I thought, why not make them experience points or money in an RPG game? You could even have a button to press each time you deal with a particularly difficult customer, to get you a bigger reward.

This would all be connected to a big online game, where players can use their EXP to do different things, earn money and buy items. It need not be an overly complicated game, but I know it would certainly make call centre work much more exciting for me – especially if you are connected to the game, while playing. Plus, it would be a good way to get people to apply, even if they’d otherwise not have been interested.

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