How to Make Chocolate Even Tastier

Today’s post will just be a very short one, it’s late and I’m feeling a little lazy. Anywho, the other day, I made quite a discovery about chocolate. For lunch, I decided to go a little wild and buy myself a ‘Fiery Cheese’ wrap. It tasted quite nice, but the bottom of it was wet for some reason and I really hate wet food. But the wrap wasn’t all I bought; whenever I eat something savoury, I always have to eat something sweet afterwards in order to give myself some closure for the meal. Anyway, after eating this spicy snack, I had myself a bag of chocolate buttons (large ones, that is). It turns out, that chocolate tastes nicer if you’ve eaten some spicy food right before it; and by nicer, I mean a LOT nicer. It is lovely. You should try it.

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