How You Could Bring Back The Waltons

I recently started a new watch through of The Waltons – my first in a little while. My good friend Liam was kind enough to put every episode onto a hard drive for me so that I could watch them easily enough whenever I wanted to. Of course, I already have the DVDs, but it’s nice to have the episodes stored in another way too.

Once again, I find myself loving every second and also feeling sad that it’s all over. Though some people think it’s gone for good, I still think that there is still some capacity to bring back The Waltons. Here are a few ways that I think it could be done satisfactorily:

  • Next Generation: Many of the adult actors are sadly no longer alive, but I feel like doing a ‘next generation’ style reboot. One of the children (probably John-Boy) could have a family of their own, with them as the grandparent. It could be set in the 80s or 90s and give us a whole new era of stories!
  • Novels: These could be set during any era of the show’s history and cover things we never saw before, for example, John-Boy’s travels around the world or the things which happen in the gaps between the films.
  • Audio-books: A similar idea to the above, but they could be read by Richard Thomas! Then we’d have something more of the character there.
  • Prequel series: Have new actors playing the grandparents in their prime. We got lots of references to the old days, so lets now see those references extrapolated and properly acted out!
  • Remake: My least favourite choice, but I’d still watch it and probably love it if this happened.

Hopefully, before long, we’ll see at least one of these happen. Or, at very least, John-Boy Walton in Super Smash Bros.

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