I am a Hippy

An old boss of mine once called me a hippy. They meant it in a negative way and were referring to the length of my hair. But I suppose he was right, I am a hippy and since then I have been using that term to describe myself quite often, actually. It’s not just about me having long hair, it’s also basically everything about myself. I’m a liberal, pacifist, feminist, vegetarian who’d like to be vegan. I’m overly optimistic, very critical of the government and though I’ve never been into recreational drug usage, those who are have misperceived my regular state of being as a substance induced high. (Perhaps I am high on life?) I believe forgiveness is one of the most important virtues and believe that everybody is beautiful. I love The Beatles and often like to think too much about philosophical ideas. All very many hippyish things!

But, those are also reflections of the virtues that I find important. So for me, being called a hippy is being complimented. I wear it as a badge of honour. To be honest, most of the people I know are hippies. Hippies are great people and the kinds of people I like spending time with the most. I don’t know how “hippy” could ever be a derogative.

Peace and love (as the hippies say.)

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