I Forgot How Good Life Can Be

I don’t think that life amidst the pandemic has been particularly hard for me. Yes, I may have been made redundant because of it, ended up getting seriously ill in the middle of it, then contracted COVID-19 this year and almost died from it – but mentally, I’ve been fine. I’ll admit that, in the very early days, I found myself feeling a a bit lonely from time to time, but it was never that bad since I live with a good friend. I mostly just saw it as an opportunity to read more, to play more video games, to write more fiction and to catch up on the endless TV shows and movies I want to watch on Disney + and Netflix. So that’s what’s what I did and I was quite pleased with the amount of personal projects I managed to get started/complete.

My pandemic life is very different to my pre-pandemic life – I used to visit friends all the time and take lots of long walks. Now, as a consequence of getting quite ill, I’m not strong enough to have long walks and, of course, for the my own safety and theirs, I’ve seen very few friends. I’ve not really thought much about the change though, and instead had more of a “right, this is what life is now then” sort of attitude, enjoying the things I have been able to do. Plus, of course, it was nice not to have everywhere be so crowded and it was nice not to have to commute into work.

While I am still quite strongly incapacitated, over the past few weeks, I have actually gone out and done a small few things. It’s been really nice to see people again and have nice long conversations with them and, frankly, it’s been good to get out of the house (even though I love my house). Just this evening I went outside for a short walk (I still can’t go far) and I was thinking about how nice it had been to go out and I realised how much I’d missed it. It’s like I’d forgotten how good life can be, because I’ve not thought about how good it is to go out and see people in a long time and now I’ve done it again, it’s brought it back to me. It was a little chilly on my walk today and as I was out on the streets, I thought about all the times I’d headed out in the dark to go and make visits to people and have fun nights out – it made me excited to do that again soon. I know it’s not going to ‘back to normal’ any time soon, with the pandemic raging on despite a lack of any safety measures, but I’m soon to have my vaccination and I know lots of other people have had theirs and I am excited to do at least a small portion of the activities I used to do.

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