Ideas Behind Stories

I think my favourite pieces of fiction are based on clever ideas. This is especially true of short stories. Tonight I was reading a Batman comic from the 1940s, it was about the year 3000. In it, aliens from Saturn invaded the Earth which, after hundreds of years of peace, was not prepared for warfare. One man finds old records of Batman and is inspired to become a new Batman. He then leads a revolution against the aliens as Batman. That’s a cool idea. Stories need a cool idea.

I like it when stories play around with clever topics. For me, it’s ideas like these which are most likely to get me writing. I’ve created several different characters and when I come up with an idea or concept which I think it quite interesting, I then choose which character would be the best one to explore it with. If you’re struggling with writer’s block, this method could help you to come up with some new ideas.

What you might like to do is try reading up on philosophy, science or religion. Expose yourself to concepts or ideas which you find exciting. Once you’ve found something which particularly tickles you, take it and apply it to a very different context – this can help you look at these concepts from different perspectives which could lead to interesting storylines. I find that theories on many subjects often provide me with good story inspiration. Perhaps they can provide you with the very same thing?

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