Insults and Lies

For today’s entry, I want to talk a little about insults, lies and the effects they have on us. I’m terribly sorry if that’s a rather negative subject for a blog post, but these are just some things that have been going through my head lately and so I thought I’d write them down.
    I’m not all that bothered by insults, really. I find that insults normally come in the form of a joke which may have hit a nerve, or things said in the head of the moment which aren’t really meant anyway. So, for these reasons, I don’t often let myself get offended if somebody says something insulting towards me because there was no ill will. Of course, there are exceptions of course (just as with anything). I think for me, or anybody else, insults carry the most weight when they’re coming from the mouth of somebody who you trust and you would think understood the impact their words would have, but then again, most often it’s still a case of things said in the heat of the moment and so best left ignored (though I understand that it may sometimes be difficult).
    Lies, on the other hand, are an entirely different can of worms (no, I’m only lying, they aren’t worms at all. Sorry). I find that it is much worse to lie to somebody than it is to insult them because then it’s a pre-meditated act of cruelty. If somebody says something that upsets you during the day, they probably didn’t wake up in the morning and think “I’m going to say something mean to them today” while if somebody has realised there’s something they don’t want to be honest with you about, they probably have decided in advance that they’re going to lie to you. It then brings into question whether or not they’ve lied without you knowing before, and just generally how honest they are with you. I think, the main thing is, that if you choose to lie to somebody, it shows a lack of respect and care for them. But, of course, if somebody does lie to you, that’s no reason not to forgive them, or even trust them again.
    So, you can threaten to stab me, punch me in the face, pour vodka in my eye, but just don’t lie! Not because I’d hate you for it, but because it would make me very sad.
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