Jean Marsh

On the left is a picture of actor Jean Marsh alongside William Hartnell as the First Doctor on Doctor Who. On the right, she is beside Richard Thomas as John-Boy Walton on The Waltons. In Doctor Who, she portrays the Doctor’s companion Sara Kingdom. Sara only travels with the Doctor for a short while (only during one twelve part story “The Daleks’ Masterplan”) at the end of which, she is killed by the Daleks’ Time Destructor. In The Waltons, she only appears in one episode as a relative of the Baldwin sisters named Hilary Von Kleist. Hilary has come to stay in America for a while to get away from Hitler and the Nazis, but in so doing she has left her husband behind. Eventually she is persuaded to return to Germany and she, along with her husband, try and fight the Nazis from the inside, though the episode implies she was later killed by them. The Daleks, especially during the 1960s when she appeared on the show, were heavily inspired by the Nazis, so Hilary was killed by the Nazis and Sara was killed by alien space Nazis. So there’s a nice link between two of my favourite things, and while it is by no means a link of the fictional worlds, this kind of thing makes me very happy anyway.

(I do not own the copyright of either image. The first image comes from The Daleks’ Masterplan episode 10 “Escape Switch” I screen captured it from the Lost in Time DVD boxset. The second is a promotional photo for the Season 5 episode of The Waltons “The Hiding Place” this image is on the cover of a case from the Season 5 boxset and was kindly scanned for me by a member of The Waltons Forum.)

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