A Shift in Tone

I was thinking today about how much this blog has changed over the years. Back when I first started, aside from the odd philosophical reflections, I mainly just use these blog posts to try and be funny. The vast majority of what was written here were stories of weird situations I had found myself in which I thought other people might find funny. Things like the time a friend of mine poured vodka into my eye or when I used a Trusty Water Bottle to escape wasps. These days, while I do occasionally write things like that, I feel like this blog has quite a different tone to it.

I remember, in November 2011, I wrote a blog post about how I missed my old school friends after starting university. It was quite a sentimental and emotional piece of writing and quite different to the norm. These days that kind of thing seems to have become the norm. It’s funny, as a partial side note, that the new friends I mentioned in the blog post linked above are now the people I miss very much. Those are days I can never bring back and, reading that post, it would seem as if I did not appreciate them enough as I lived them.

I suppose the way that my blog has changed since I started it also reflects how I have changed as a person. I find that I become more and more sentimental and more reflective of my emotions. I also don’t feel like I get involved in as many bizarre little encounters these days either and I’m not sure why (since they are out of my control.) Perhaps the shift in tone of this blog reflects the shift in tone of my life. I feel like it also reflects a bit of a maturity in me and in my work.

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