Keeping in Touch

“I’m crying now, because it’s just so nice to know there are good people like you left in the world,” a friend of mine once said to me, back in 2009 after I told them what I was thinking about something. You’d assume that, being tso close with somebody like that, I’d be in touch with them to this day, but sadly it was later that same year that I stopped seeing them regularly. Other than once briefly in 2010 and 2013, I’ve not actually seen them at all or been able to maintain any substantial level of contact with them.

In my experience, this is quite often the case; I have a very close friendship with somebody for two-three years and then they move away/move on in their life. Or at least that was the case earlier on in my life; there are a handful of people who I regret not having made more of an effort to stay in contact with, but these days I do all I can to keep in touch with everyone. It’s an unspoken promise that  I make to them and to myself.

Ultimately, I find that people still move away or move on with their lives after two or three years, but by keeping in touch, I still get to hear from them online and see them from time to time, which is a bit sad, but infinitely better!

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