Keeping Up With the News

I think it’s fairly important to keep up with the news, just because it’s good to be conscious of the things which might affect you, your friends and others. Having said that, I’d certainly not like to suggest that it would be wrong of anybody not to do so; many people are busy and won’t have the time to read lots of news articles. Plus, reading the news can be downright depressing and I can imagine there are some people who just find it too upsetting to keep up with it all. I have to admit, I tend to go through periods of reading lots of pieces of news and then of not reading any at all, just because it becomes too depressing. Sure, you can sign lots of petitions and so on, but it’s really disheartening to read about the absolutely despicable things that your own government does and be almost completely powerless to do anything to stop it. But, I suppose knowledge is power and the more people who know about these injustices, the more likely people are to try and make a change… This is why I think it best to keep up with the news in some form.

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