Kindness Through Inaction

There have been a couple of times lately where people haven’t done anything but, actually, this inaction has actually been an act of kindness. Perhaps that may sound a little strange, so, I’ll explain each one to you.
    First, I was talking to my friend Mairi about how I’m not enormously comfortable with making physical contact with others. I’ve never been the most physical of people, but over the past few years I’ve made some improvements and am generally getting a lot better of it. Mairi told me that she, too, had been quite uncomfortable with making physical contact in the past, but that these days she hugged everybody. But then she added “except you, obviously, as I respect your boundaries” which I thought was very kind. She hadn’t done anything at all, but it felt as nice as any hug could.
    The second was something that happened at work the other day. On my first day, the person at the desk beside mine asked me if I’d like a cup of tea and I explained to her that I’m not really very fond of hot drinks and that I only really drink water. A couple of weeks later, she was getting herself a drink and said “You know, I always feel bad not offering you a drink too” but she had no reason to feel bad. It was actually nicer of her not to do anything, as it showed an understanding of my tastes and that’s what I said to her.
    And it’s funny, I think, that people can not do anything at all, but it can still be appreciated as an act of kindness. It’s just a reflection I wanted to share.

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