Lack of Book Reviews

Regular readers may have noticed that there’s been a recent decline in the number of book reviews that I’ve been writing on here and, since I think of my book reviews as an important part of this blog, I felt that it was important to explain. There are three main reasons for my lack of book reviews: firstly, I usually write a review shortly after finishing a book, but at the moment I’ve been reading an especially long book which is taking a while (I’m nearly done now, though!). Secondly, now that I am working, I don’t tend to have quite as much time to read, and usually do all of my reading on the weekend; my work day is eight and a half hours long, then once you’ve added in travel time and house work, my free time is quite limited; plus, even when I have time to read, I need silence to focus on a book, which I don’t often have access to. Thirdly, I had gotten quite behind on my video game reviews and I wanted an opportunity to get up to date with them, so I have been focusing on them more, when it comes to reviews (though am still about thirty behind!) and it all culminates in a lack of book reviews here on the Trusty Water Blog. If my book reviews were one of your favourite things from me, then I hope you haven’t been too disappointed. Next week, no matter what, I will write at least one new book review and I hope to get back into the swing of it soon. I felt it was important to clarify the reason behind this move away from my regular routine.

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