This was photographed at Savernake Forest. I’m going to use this entry to explain the issue of Colin’s language abilities which I’m sure may seem inconsistent at times. Sometimes he appears not to be able to talk at all and to be just a mindless cow (like here) and other times he seems to talk just fine (like here). Well, the truth is, Colin can speak Cow, but he can’t speak English. So, times like this all everybody hears is a cow mooing over and over again with no words, I’ve just taken to liberty of translating it for you to make it more enjoyable. As such, there is no inconsistency! Every time Colin ‘talks’ he is either alone or talking to another cow, he cannot talk to humans (he’d be able to speak to Rainbow Man, though). There is an exception to this (here and here) and the answer to that is that on some unseen adventure, the pirates were granted the ability to talk to animals. So, there you have it, the issue is solved! Not that anybody cares, I’m sure, but I do like to have internal consistency in my work, so I made this explanation more for myself, than anybody else!

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