The Job Offer

I mentioned a little while ago that I would often get a Dr. Pepper with Ben Wood after school. There was a small local shop that we’d pop into to get our drink. They sold drinks cheaper there than anywhere else. I grabbed a bottle of Dr. Pepper and Ben grabbed whatever drink it was that he always had (sadly, I can’t remember).
    We paid for our drinks and then the man at the till (who owned the place) said, “So, you want a job here?”
    “What do you pay?” asked Ben.
    “No pay,” he replied.
    “Is that legal?” I asked.
    “Well, there’s no pay, but, on the other hand, I will let you take whatever you like out of the drink fridge: Coke, Dr. Pepper, you name it. But not too much though, only a few.”
    “Well, I don’t know…” I started to say.
    “C’mon, it’s only a six hour day!”
    “We’ll think about it,” said Ben.
    “Well, let me know tomorrow.”
    Ben and I left the shop and, by that point, had done all the thinking we needed to do about that job offer.
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