Living in The Walking Dead

Recently I’ve been watching a very good television programme called The Walking Dead, but there’re a few things which bother me about the show, the main one being that the heroes often kill people needlessly and I don’t like it very much. If I were in that world, I often think to myself, I’d be much less violent about it.
    Well, it just so happens that I had a dream where I was the living in a zombie apocalypse and so I had a chance to apply my morality to this new setting. I remember, for whatever reason, I was staying inside a giant warehouse and I had a nice little bed set up on the ground near the entrance.
    One morning, I was just waking up when I saw a gang of three tough looking armed men walking into the warehouse.
    “Good morning,” I said, getting up quickly and walking towards them.
    They all pointed their guns at me, but I said “Don’t worry, I don’t have any weapons in here, so you won’t need to use your ones either.”
    “Give us your food!” the man demanded.
    “You don’t have to steal it from me, I’m quite happy to give you a nice portion, just so long as there’s enough for me, and I don’t eat much,” I said.
    “Well, alright then,” he said.
    I popped into the back room and filled up a few sacks with food, one for each of the three men.
    “I hope that will be enough,” I said.
    “Thank you,” their leader said kindly.
    “Feel free to come back in future,” I said as they left. “Look out for zombies!”
    And as they happily walked off into the distance, I woke up and found myself in my regular bed. Of course, I then instantly recorded it in my dream journal and so it was remembered long enough to become this blog entry!

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