Many Stabby Returns

Long-time readers may know that, several years ago, somebody threatened to stab me. Luckily, I was able to persuade him not to by pointing out that we were in quite a crowded public area and he’d certainly not get away with it. He then walked off, but not without first warning me that he’d stab me the next time that we met.

Well, anyway, after that incidental piece of information, guess who I bumped into for the first time in six years the other night? I made it too obvious, didn’t I? It was night time and the streets were deserted; you could say, that it was the perfect time to commit a crime. I wandered over to him and I was murdered right then and there… No not really, because of course, bad things never happen to me and besides, only the good die young.

As I passed him, I gave him a pleasant smile and he gave me an unpleasant frown and that was it.

The moral of the story is that all of life’s problems can be solved with a positive attitude and a nice smile. 🙂

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