Me Then vs. Me Now

This blog recently passed it’s eighth anniversary and I had a retrospective blog post planned to mark the occasion… But then I forgot. I don’t want to wait until May 2020 to write this post, so I’m just writing it a little past the milestone.

What’s quite nice for me is to reflect upon how I’ve changed since I started this blog. Here’s a few positive comparisons:

  • Back then my writing style was much weaker, but now it’s strengthened significantly due to eight years of regular writing. You just need to look at some of my earlier posts to see the improvement.
  • Back then I hated meeting in groups and would often experience social anxiety when in such situations, but now social anxiety almost never effects me at all.
  • Back then I was underweight, now I am a healthy weight.
  • Back then I had only a very small number of friends, now I have had the opportunity to form close bonds with a number of people across the country.
  • Back then I had never written professionally, now I have very many times.
  • Back then I had no university education, now I have a 2:1 Creative Writing BA.
  • Back then I had no real professional experience whatsoever, now I have a five year career in digital marketing.
  • Back then I had never met any of the cast of The Waltons, now I’ve met two!
  • Back then I had never had a friend round for a sleepover – now I have twice!
  • Back then I used to have negative attitudes about sex and the human body – now I have healthy and positive perspectives.
  • Back then I had never been to Nando’s, now I’ve been very many times.
  • Back then I didn’t have a blog, but now I have one I’ve been updating regularly for eight years.

There are so many wonderful changes which have occurred in the last eight years. I thought I’d stop the list there because I had probably covered enough points already, but there’s so much more I could have said. It makes me excited about what I’ll have to reflect on in eight years on my blog’s sixteenth anniversary….

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