Memory Sieve

One thing I’ve noticed recently is that keeping this blog seems to have had a negative impact on my memory. In the past, many of the anecdotes I’ve written about here were things I could remember quite clearly and tell to other people: these days I only remember the general details and not many of the specifics. Most shockingly, a friend of mine recently mentioned something which happened to me years ago (before I met them) which they knew about because they had read about it on my blog and I had told them about it, but I didn’t remember it until I’d thought about it for a few seconds. In some ways I feel like, after I’ve written down the things that happen to me, that piece of writing then acts as something which kind of replaces the memory. Is this good or bad? I’m not really sure. As time goes by, perhaps I’d have forgotten about these things anyway, perhaps I need to have these written down to have any kind of memory of these things. Perhaps the sooner I write it down, the more likely I am to preserve an earlier, more accurate memory than if I didn’t write it and let it slowly fade. I am confident that some of the things I’ve written here would have been forgotten without writing them down. As an additional note, right now it is Saturday afternoon – I forgot to write this yesterday! Making this the second time I missed an update. Rather coincidental that it happened on a day that I was writing about forgetting things.

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