Migraine Visual Aura

I guess people who have never had a migraine before don’t actually have any idea what it’s like. Of course, everybody can imagine a really, really bad headache, but, the visual side of it is a little hard to explain. Therefore, I decided to make some pictures to show what it’s like!
As you can see, at first you barely realise that you have a migraine starting, there’s a tiny blip in your vision, but you may not even notice. There’s certainly no pain at the start. After a while, the blip grows and you realise it is a migraine, you’ll probably have a mild headache at this point. After that, the visual aura gets bigger and bigger and so does the headache. Eventually you feel nauseous too, the aura also seems to throb along with the pain in your head and is absolutely horrible to ‘look’ at. Thankfully, in my case at least, it never blocks out everything, You can see properly after a couple of hours (unless it comes back) but the headache doesn’t cease for a long time.

Thank goodness I’ve not had one in a few years now!

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(If you happen to suffer from migraines,
then you might find this article from Healthline very helpful and interesting.)

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