Bouncy Castle

Back in 2004, when I was in Year 6 of primary school, I was given the task of watching one of the Year 1 classes for twenty minutes or so. At that time, I wasn’t quite the same build as I am now, and, in fact, I was rather overweight. Why is this significant? Well, you’ll find out shortly!
    I arrived at the classroom of the younger children and spoke briefly with the teacher who gave me a few brief pointers about what to do while she was gone. The children were only playing with some toys when I arrived, so, I didn’t expect to have any difficulty.
    “Bouncy castle!” shouted one of them as soon as the teacher left.
    Then all of the children ran over to me, one of them pushed me over and they all started jumping on me as if I were a bouncy castle. It seems that being somewhat overweight made me especially bouncy, which I guess must have been nice for them. A few minutes before the teacher got back, they all stopped jumping on me and I got up.
    And so, with that, I earned the experience of serving as a bouncy castle. I’m sure that would be a very unique addition to a CV.

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