Misgendering in Dreams

I like to think about the patterns that recur in my dreams. Most of my dreams are just about me spending time with my friends, usually at their house, but sometimes out in restaurants and out in the city. It’s nice to enjoy a social event when you go to bed, even if it’s not quite real. Sometimes I wake up from a lovely experience and can’t wait to do something similar in reality.

Anyway, what I wanted to talk about was the fact that sometimes I dream about my friends being a different sex or gender than they are in reality. Sometimes female friends are male and male friends are female. In my dreams it’s not a case of “Wow, this person has changed gender” rather, I don’t notice any change and neither does anybody else. Only once I have woken up, do I realise the discrepancies with reality.

I wonder why I dream that my friends have been gender swapped? If dreams are always a reflection of the way that we think of things and so forth, what might this reflect about me? Well, I suppose it could be because gender plays a relatively minor role in the way that I think about people and therefore when my brain is throwing together an image of my friends, any gender will do. Not to imply, of course, that I am not respectful of people’s gender identity, just that I dream about sharing company with friends and gender is not a factor in my enjoyment of this activity. That’s the best I can come up with.

I don’t really know anything about dreams or the psychological implications of them. A quick internet search didn’t really bring up anything about friends changing genders in dreams, so perhaps it’s not very common. Indeed, perhaps it’s a complete coincidence that I’ve had it happen a few times, but I still find it rather interesting. What are some strange patterns in your dreams?

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