I passed my driving exam about a year and a half ago. I don’t drive that often because I don’t really need to, but I think I drive often enough and on Saturday I drove on the motorway for the first time. Before doing so, I’d had a lot of people talk to me about it and about how worrying it was, how I’d probably be really nervous and so on and so forth.
    It turns out that that I actually really loved driving on the motorway, which I thought might be the case. You see, I’m the kind of person who likes to drive rather slowly. Or, perhaps, I should rephrase that; I’m the kind of person whose standard of what is ‘fast’ is much lower than most other people. I much prefer the laws in, say, Jersey where the maximum speed limit is 40mph, because I don’t really see why you ever need to go any faster unless you’re an emergency vehicle (though I have to admit to occasionally going as fast as 50mph, though that’s mainly so as not to slow others down too much).
    But anyway, the motorway has a marvellous place for people like me and it’s commonly referred to as ‘The Slow Lane’. On any other road, I’ll be driving along at my comfortable pace when somebody who places more value on speed than safety comes up behind me and drives only a few inches away from the back of the car. I certainly don’t like that kind of behaviour. But on the motorway, that never happens because I can just stick to my lane, and other drives can go into the other lanes if they need to. Lovely.
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