Musical Oddity

Take a listen to this song:
What did you think of it? Personally, after my first listen, I thought it was really bad. Today, however, I do very much enjoy this song, which is quite odd because I don’t tend to enjoy dance music, and there’s even a hint of dub step in there. But I like this song, in my head, it’s a Christmas song. Around this time last year, a very good friend of mine showed it to me and, as I said, I didn’t like it at first. But, of course, my friend did like this song and, as such, they played it fairly regularly. After I’d heard it loads of times (via them), it slowly began to grow on me. I kept getting it stuck in my head when I was sat around by myself at home. So, in the end, I headed over to iTunes and downloaded myself a copy. I listened to it quite a lot, mainly on bus rides and while baking pizzas, but, I kind of lost interest in it after Christmas now. Recently, I found myself craving the song again, so I listened to it. When I did listen to it, it made me feel really Christmassy and nostalgic for last year (obviously, this is because I listened to it a lot around Christmas time last year). So, for me now, this is a Christmas song. At the moment it gets listened to regularly, but I’ll stop after Christmas day and save it for next year.
    I guess it goes to show that context has a lot to do with musical appreciation (or, at least it does in my case). Perhaps a song you hear all the time, but really dislike, will make you happy when you hear it again in old age?
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