My Birthday

I tell people the date of my birthday once (well, unless people ask me for it) and see who will remember it. I don’t have it listed on Facebook or other social sites either. This means I get less meaningless birthday messages online, and the few I get from my friends seem more valuable. However, I was recently criticised for not posting my birthday anywhere, so I decided I would make a blog entry about it so that it can be found if people are interested. Today, April 11th, is my birthday.

To make this into more of an entry, I’ll tell you about the things I did and what I got:
The day before yesterday, my good friend Rory gave me a copy of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 3: Century #3 2009 (expect a review sometime).
My good friend Ben had two books delivered to me: Life After Life by Kate Atkinson and Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James (expect reviews of each sometime in the future too).
A very good friend of mine invited me into Bath and bought me lunch, telling me that I also have a joke gift to look forward to sometime soon.
After that, I went and had a meal with my Mum and brothers Sam and Kristen, at my favourite restaurant The Hungry Horse where I got a gift from each of them while we waited for the food. Funnily enough, all were video games!
My Mum got me New Super Mario Bros. 2.
Sam got me Perfect Dark Zero.
Kristen got me Rayman Origins.
(another three things I plan to eventually review!)
After that we went to my Nan’s house and had some cake, and I also got some gifts in the form of generic, but useful, items like money and socks.
Now, I am just enjoying a videogame countdown (Top 20 Games) by my internet friend Rhinowater, who got it finished especially for so we could go through it on my birthday.
Finally, on Saturday I will be having a nice day with David Tubb including a meal and another four presents (I also had a nice postcard from him too).
Of course, I’ve also had lots of texts and Facebook messages from my various other friends.

All in all, a very nice birthday! Thank you, everybody.

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