My Experience of a British Employer (anonymous)

(Today’s post is written by a guest author who lives in India and who has worked for English businesses as an out of office overseas employee. I thought that their experiences were definitely worth sharing.)

It was a few months ago when I got the opportunity to work as a freelance content writer for an English businesses. It was exciting to hear but I was also nervous as I had never worked for anybody before that.. It was a virtual job as I was asked to do my writings from my home. My job was to write articles, blogs, web contents etc. Every job seems easy in the beginning but when you actually get to do it, you realize the obstacles. Same was the case with me. I thought how difficult could it be to write 500 words? But actually, it was.

In spite of the fact that it was a virtual work, I still had many challenges to overcome. The very basic problem that I faced while doing this job was that I was presumed to be a person that will make mistakes just because I come from a different land. This used to lower my morale because I used to research a lot before writing my contents. Also, my contents used to be grammatically correct and free from plagiarism. Motivation and appreciation are really important for any employee to be able to deliver quality work. I felt left out at times while doing this job for a fault that I was not even accountable for. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that at times the assignments and pages that I was given to refer to while doing my writing used to be full of grammatical and spelling mistakes. I feel if employees from distant land are kept under such a check then the same should be applicable to their native employees as well.

Linguistic obstructions are easy to imagine when individuals from various countries come to cooperate. Be that as it may, I additionally had a portion of the religious boundaries to overcome while functioning as a content writer. I don’t mean to hurt the emotions and feelings of any individual. This is only my own experience that I jump at the chance to impart to my readers. On many occasions, I was doled out to do compositions relating to ‘beef’ or “cheeseburger” formulas and baits. Be that as it may, the place where I come from does not have any such pattern. Cows in truth are revered as goddesses. This turned into an issue for me which I couldn’t impart to anybody. So I trust it is normal on the part of employees like me to have work that suits our convictions and religion.

Also, there has been unequal treatment with employees from different places in terms of payment and opportunities. In my opinion for the workplace to be progressive, diverse and yet smooth, it is essential for the businesses to consider the sentiments, beliefs, and background of all employees. Apart from all the challenges I faced I also got to befriend some people who were really caring and understanding and believed how much efforts I am making to be like them in terms of my work.
To sum up, I would say that things contrast with different employers. It will be a generalization to say all bosses are either great or terrible. An ideal way to handle such circumstance is to concentrate on your nature of work and devotion. Believe me on this, as this is the main thing that helped me in making my experience of a British business a smooth one.

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