My Phonetic Alphabet

At my work, I find myself having to use the military phonetic alphabet very often. I don’t really like it that much, so I decided to create my own phonetic alphabet. Without further ado, here we go.

  • A for “An Evening with Richard Thomas” Because who wouldn’t love an evening with Richard Thomas?
  • B for Blossoms. Onion blossoms, specifically.
  • C for Colin (the world famous cow.)
  • D for Dandelion & Burdock, the best non-water drink.
  • E for Everyone is Beautiful.
  • F for Fonetics. You know the fonetic alphabet.
  • G for Getting A Bit Bored of This Idea Now, Didn’t Think It Through.
  • H for Hitler. Monstrously inappropriate, I know, but I heard somebody saying it at work once.
  • I for One… hahaha Get it?
  • J for Just Kidding… But not about this. It’s genuinely the letter I mean.
  • K for Karrot. Who gets that reference?
  • L for Love – the greatest emotion.
  • M for Mandos. As in mandos Nando’s are good. See the letter “N” for more info.
  • N for Nando’s the famous, Oscar-award winning restaurant.
  • O for Oscar. This one may remain the same. One of my very best friends is an Oscar.
  • P for Porridge. Pure and Delicious.
  • Q for Your Favourite Ride.
  • R for Romeo and Juliet.
  • S for Sorry but I’m just so sick of you.
  • T for Trust Water Bottle. No explanation needed.
  • U for You but in text language.
  • V for Victory. It just rolls off the tongue.
  • W for Waltons, The.
  • X for Kisses xxx
  • Y for Goodness Sake!?
  • Z for Zexclon. That’s me.

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