My Pocket Watch Collection

I think pocket watches make the most beautiful pieces of jewellery (if they count as jewellery) and I have my own small collection, which I hope will continue to grow throughout the years. I keep them all in a nice little box.

Pocket Watch Box

Here is my very first pocket watch. I bought it in 2010 because I just got my first job and had a little bit of money. I thought pocket watches were very nice and I was excited to get one. I ordered it from Amazon and wore it everywhere while I was in my sixth form. These days it looks quite old and worn, but I am very attached to it.

First Pocket WatchI got my second pocket watch in 2011 at the Bath and West Show – it was just as I was getting to the end of my time at The Corsham School Sixth Form. It had a more gothic design than the first one and I think it looks very cool.

Second Pocket WatchI picked up my third pocket watch in 2012 when I visited the Bath and West Show again. To me, this one looks a little Victorian, but I honestly don’t know anything about pocket watch designs. I love the tinted “window” that it has.

Third Pocket WatchI got my fourth pocket watch in 2013 when I was out having a lovely day in London with my good friend Mairi Mac Arthur. It’s the most unique one as it is orb shaped. This is the one which I think best fits the description of “jewellery” and I like how it adds nice variety to my collection.

Fourth Pocket WatchFinally, we come to my fifth and (so far) final pocket watch. Did I get it at some point in 2014? Actually no. Pocket watches seemed to take a little bit of a hiatus from my life and it was only now, in 2016, that I got another new one – this one is very shiny and features a Doctor Who pattern on it, which is great because I love Doctor Who. It was a lovely birthday present from my good friend Elliott Egan.

Fifth Pocket WatchAnd that’s the whole collection. They’re just another aspect of my life which I wanted to record and share.

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