Never Missing Social Events

One rule I’ve adopted as I’ve gotten older is that I will never say no to a social event. I remember, about ten years ago now, I did turn down a lot of social events. Looking back, I think that was a mistake as I realise I have missed out on shared experiences with friends who I no longer get the opportunity to see.

Today, unless I am already meeting somebody else at the same time, I will always say yes when invited to do things with friends. I usually do at least three social events a week and I love it. I feel like the more social events you say yes to, the more social events you get invited to, because you form stronger bonds with people and become known as reliable.

It was in late 2014 that I decided to adopt this rule and this was at a point in my life where my social interactions were at their lowest point. Since I’ve started always saying yes, my social life has increased significantly and it allows me to experience things I’d have otherwise declined. Coincidentally, it’s a little similar the premise of the book/film Yes Man – just with a dash of logic and reason added in.

I know it’s a simple idea, but I think it’s good to push yourself and to try new things. Making yourself leave your comfort zones just means that your comfort zones eventually start to expand.

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