New Laptop

At some point near Christmas day, the fan in my laptop stopped working. Without a fan, my laptop got very hot in only a short space of time (I couldn’t use it for more than an hour at a time) meaning I couldn’t do very much with it. The laptop also had a broken disc drive and so it seemed like a good idea to replace it at this point; so I did. I’m writing this latest blog post on my new laptop and wondering what other exciting pieces of writing I’ll do on this in the future.
I have to say though, that even though I’m very excited to have a new, clean, fast laptop that works better and does more than the old one, I am still sad about replacing it. I got my previous laptop back in 2010 and have a lot of memories with it; I can remember using it in my Sixth Form study room, watching DVDs with a friend, making notes from interesting lectures at Bath Spa University, sleeping over with friends and updating my blog before bed, writing out whole essays in the Bath Spa University library, having lovely video calls with friends who were far away, browsing the internet so that I have something at least slightly bearable to do while doing a work placement at the Job Centre, and so much more.
People say that it’s wrong to put value on material possessions, and maybe I’m doing that; but then again, I value this material possession for immaterial things. When I open it up today, the memories of all its past uses come flooding back and though, when I use it less, I will still have those memories, it will feel different knowing that I lack a physical connection. For me, having a solid item which connects me to a past event is very important. So I will miss my old laptop (well, I do still have it) but I am also pleased about the features of my new laptop.

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