Why You Should Post on Forums

In today’s blog post I’d like to talk a little about a way you can promote your writing, if you post at all online. I post regularly on two forums (DK Vine and The Waltons Forum) and have become fairly well known on each of them. As each of these forums cover subjects that I am very interested in, that means the subjects they cover are the kinds of things I may write about on my blog. Whenever I write something which may be of interest to the people on either of those forums, I go ahead and share it. I used to feel bad about ‘spamming’ people with my work, but the truth is that they may be legitimately interested, I do need to promote my work and I wouldn’t hesitate if somebody else had written it. So I think that a good way to build traffic to your site is by getting yourself well known on a forum and sharing your work amongst people you know will like it. I am actually a member of some other forums too, but I don’t post as prolifically on them, so I’d feel like I was abusing my freedom of posting if most of my very few posts were links to my own work. But, anyway, I think it’s a good idea to make yourself known on as many areas around the internet as possible and to link back to your work whenever you can – it’s a small and easy way to increase your readers. I hope that will be useful for you.

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