Nintendo and Friends (a social media experiment)

I’m afraid that today’s blog post isn’t a particularly exciting one, but I wanted to talk a little about a project I’ve been working on recently. It’s a bit of an experiment really, but I was thinking about how I’m quite good at social media marketing, but that none of my own accounts really reflect that ability.

So what I decided to do, was to create a Twitter account based around my Trusty Water Blog video game reviews. I didn’t want to build my numbers by telling my friends about it, so instead I’ve just tweeted about my reviews and been an active member in online communities.

I started it few months ago and I only update it every now and then, but I am quite glad to have built up 99 followers and counting. I know it’s not really that impressive – in work, I’ve built up 500 followers on a new account in much less time. Still, for me, this is an achievement that I am quite proud of.

If you’re interested in looking at it, I’m @AndNintendo and the only things I tweets are my video game reviews: I write super condensed versions of them, along with their scores, then I link to the full thing. Since I’ve written literally hundreds of game reviews now, I’ve got a steady flow of tweets! I guess 99 people enjoy it (which is significantly more than my author fan page on Facebook has!)

I hope that one day I’ll have built up so many followers that it will be something worth showing off whenever I find myself in interviews for social media roles in future! It would certainly be a nice way to go against the curse of social media marketers.

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