Nothing is Bad

Have you ever noticed that, however how much you might dislike something, there are always a large number of people who think that same thing is really, really good? I mean, for just a few personal examples, I’ve never really liked dub step music, but there are a large number of people who seem to enjoy listening to it. I don’t particularly like the Call of Duty video game series, but, due to its large popularity, there are now at least seven entries in that series. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of this metaphorical coin, I might be quite a big fan of Doctor Who, the Sherlock Holmes stories and The Waltons, but I’ll always be able to find some people who don’t find any enjoyment in these three things at all.
    It seems to me then, that since seemingly every piece of art which is created will have both a number of people who absolutely love it and a number of people who really rather dislike it. So I conclude that no art is bad, if you think something is bad, then you’re the wrong audience to enjoy it. This little piece of information is something which, I hope, will give some comfort to friends of mine who are fellow writers, who, usually it seems, consider their work to be quite bad. If everyone has said your work is bad you just haven’t found the right people to read it yet.
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