Something which I quite admire is when people are quite happy to openly discuss their thoughts and feelings about personal issues which others might choose to keep private. Of course, I don’t mean to criticise those who choose to value their privacy, but I have a special respect for those who are willing to share. Openness has always been something I strive towards, but I have to admit that there are certain things about myself which I intentionally avoided talking about. I didn’t really think that I was particularly secretive until last year a friend of mine said that I had always been a “question mark” to them for some time after we met. This was quite surprising to me, as I hadn’t realised the extent to which I did not discuss aspects of myself. I also had a couple encounters wherein I was very directly asked about things which I don’t like to talk about, which made me quite uncomfortable.

Starting in January (as a New Year’s resolution) I’ve decided to be more open about subjects which I had previously chosen to ignore entirely. While I have had one or two minor mishaps as a result, this has ultimately been a very healthy and beneficial decision for me. I’ve chosen a few good friends who I trust entirely and basically just discussed things I’d never discussed before. In many ways, it has helped me to become a happier person and more comfortable with who I am. If there are any subjects which make you uncomfortable or cause you anxiety, I’d suggest doing to same. For me, just sharing these things with people has helped me to feel much more at ease. I’m not suggesting that you should be completely open about every aspect of your life with every person in your life, but sharing some things among close friends might  prove to be a very rewarding experience. It did for me.

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