Out of Context Nonsense

Today I’m going to tell you a little about a fun little writing game that I thought of. What you do is list ten random things from your fictional writing with the goal of making it seem like you write the most bizarre stories around. It’s obviously best to do this this socially with a few other writers, but you could always just post it for everybody else to see on something like a blog. So, to give an example, here are ten pieces of out of context nonsense about my own writing:

1. A volcano erupts and then molten cheese comes out; a mystery which is investigated by a female version of Sherlock Holmes. (Read more here)
2. One story has five brutal murders, two nude scenes and one attempted rape. (Oh dear).
3. I have characters named: Johnnannis, Scawnnannis, Zedxclon and Gregtopher.
4. A man loses his family in a terrible car accident, only to have them brought back via a fantastic musical number a few days later.
5. The embodiment of evil is a fan of The Muppets and becomes inspired by it to eat people whole just like they do.
6. A middle aged, balding man in a beige blazer materialised in space before there was any life in the universe.
7. A couple of homeless people find out how to win the lottery every time and become the two richest men on Earth.
8. The embodiments of good and evil have a scooter race through a small town in Wiltshire.
9. A nuclear bomb was launched during the cold war, but it didn’t go off and nobody realised until somebody found it in his garden twenty-seven years later.
10. Characters who have died and been brought back several times discuss how it’s silly when fiction is criticised for having that happen.

Don’t forget, I am intentionally making it sound very weird, these are all out of context! I do write seriously as well. I’d be interested in seeing what things other people might have on their lists.

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