I remember once in 2013 I was out in the town in Bath with David Tubb. I can’t remember why, but on that particular day I needed to get myself a paperclip, so we went into a stationery shop and I bought a tub of paperclips. The tub said that it contained three hundred paper clips and we began to wonder how they could be so specific and wanted to see whether or not it was true. We spent the next hour or two counting out the paperclips; an activity which others commented sounded a little boring. However, I was not bored at all.

I think this highlights something quite important. Whenever I plan to meet up with a friend, they always feel the need to plan something to do and, of course, it’s nice to do things with friends, but equally, it can often be nice just to share in their company. I don’t need to be doing anything special when I meet up with a friend because, even if we’re just counting paperclips (or even doing nothing at all) it’s nice to just chat and know that another person has dedicated the time to you. A person’s company is all I seek, anything else is a bonus. Plus in that case it was interesting to discover the company’s paperclip estimate was incorrect!

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