I don’t write too many general life updates on this blog, but today I wanted to share my excitement at having sent off my passport application. I have never left the country before and never had a passport either. Last year I went to Scotland and that was the furthest I’d ever travelled by myself. I had an amazing time exploring new areas and trying new things with two of my closest friends. This was what helped me to decide that I should get a passport and that I really wanted to travel beyond the places within the UK (not that there aren’t still a lot of local places I’d like to visit.)

I already have a few plans in regards to places to go and people to visit (Poland and India are on my radar) and I will doubtlessly go to many other interesting locations too. I love spending time with my friends and sharing really exciting experiences with them is even better. I hope that having a passport will provide me with the opportunity to do so many more wonderful and exciting things and I am very pleased to know that it will soon be mine. Once I have gone on a few trips, I’ll have plenty to write about here on my blog too – I’ll be sure to recount any and all international adventures that I have.

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