Improving Social Skills

I’ve recently notice quite an interesting contrast in myself. I remember, back in 2008, I was very fond of speaking to people online. I made quite a lot of internet friends (though there are only very few who I have kept in touch with to this day) and I also enjoyed speaking to all of my real life friends over the internet too. I felt like, when chatting online, I was expressing my true self and that I didn’t do that so well when talking to people in person. It wasn’t that I struggled to talk to people, just that when I did I didn’t feel that I was doing a good job of properly articulating my feelings or expressing myself.

Today, almost a decade later, the situation has been pretty much reversed entirely. While I do enjoy speaking to people online, I don’t feel like it even comes close to interacting with people in person. When just using text, as is always the case online, I can only express so much. Speaking with somebody face to face allows me to properly interact with somebody and to express and articulate myself in ways which I cannot do through the written medium. I used to wish that I could express myself in person as well as I do online, but now I’m glad that I do much better. It’s nice to see how my social skills have improved.

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