The other day, I was watching randomly recommended YouTube videos to pass the time. One that I came across included a person who’s perspectives I’m not very fond of. To keep the tone of this blog post neutral, I’m not going to say who they were or what they were talking about. Anyway, in this short clip which was only a few minutes long, I felt that this person came across pretty badly. They seemed defensive, their points weren’t made very well (and, of course, I didn’t agree with those points). I thought to myself “Gee, this clip certain shows them in a bad light.”

Then I decided to look at the comment section. To my surprise, people were overwhelmingly saying that they thought this person had come across really well and that they’d eloquently made their points, while making the people they were discussing things with look like idiots. In fact, one person said that it was as if they were the only intelligent person on the panel. For reference, there were four people involved in this discussion and each of then were arguing from different perspectives.

For me, it was very interesting to me that different people had perceived the exact same clip in a completely different way. It’s an interesting reminder of a fact that a person’s values and beliefs will play a huge part in how well any individual comes across. What may look bumbling and incompetent to some, will be refreshingly down to Earth to somebody else. Defensiveness will be seen as righteousness. Moral compassion, as high-horsedness. Our biases will always play an unavoidable role when we perceive somebody talking on any point.

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