Power Plant

A month or so ago, I got a message in my suggestion box from Mochammad Restu (do you remember him?) and it said that he would like me to write an entry about the ‘new plants in Indonesia’ which, I’ll admit, I didn’t know anything about. To be honest, I thought he was referring to some new kind of plant species that had been discovered, or had been engineered, but after doing a little bit of research, it seems that he was referring to power plants.
    Now, I’ve found it a little difficult to find much information on the subject, especially anything recent, but from what I can gather, it seems that three hundred coal based power plants have been/are being built all across Indonesia. I imagine this is something of a mixed blessing. In general, new coal based power plants aren’t really a good thing, I imagine hundreds of wind turbines (or other means of harnessing renewable resources) could have been built with the same money and that would have been a lot better for the environment, and the world generally, especially in regards to the current state of things. But, on the other hand, what with there being few jobs and lots of people being poor, these power plants will create a lot of work opportunities for the Indonesian people. I’d say it’s more bad than good though,renewable energy sources could have created the same jobs, but it’s not entirely bad.
    Read more about it here.
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