Punk Ambition EP


This Friday we have another album review! This time it’s Dalfino Madrigal Keyte’s EP “Punk Ambition” as with my last album review, I’ll score and give my thoughts on each song individually. The whole album is available online for free here.

Forsaken Friends. Rating: 8/10
This is a nice and quiet guitar song accompanied by Dalfino’s soft voice. It goes along peacefully until reaching an exciting climax which I suppose symbolises a release of emotion.

13 omit 9 & 11. Rating: 8.4/10
This song comes across as more ‘musical’ than the last, perhaps due to the bigger prominence of the guitar. This one was quite a bit more emotional and so therefore I enjoyed it more than the last.

Terraforming. Rating: 8.3/10
Again, this is another peaceful track where you’re lulled along by the gentle guitar and Dalfino’s soft voice. But this time things aren’t all right, there’s a despairing tone to his voice, it’s as if he’s weeping with his voice, making the whole thing rather bittersweet.

Take Your Leave (of Me). Rating: 8.5/10
This is my favourite song by Dalfino, and it’s definitely worth a listen. The main guitar rhythm sounds wonderful and Dalfino’s voice sounds strangely echoic and distant. It’s as if somebody already has taken their leave (of him) and his voice is echoing because he is far away and getting further and further away from them, perhaps to symbolise the loss of emotional closeness with somebody? Excellent work.

Average: 8.3/10

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