Relationships and Stories

I like to look at every meaningful relationship I’ve had with anybody as like a story. They’re all made up of a beginning, middle and end. While it is quite sad to think about the fact that a time will come when your relationships will all reach their end, I think looking at things like this helps to show how different your interacting with different people are, and even give a more positive outlook. Every friend, every family member, just, anybody they you care deeply about, has their own unique story. You’re not likely to meet two people in the same way, nor are you likely to depart from two people in the same. But most important, are the middles; once you finally get to know somebody and start having fun with them. All the fun and crazy adventures you have with people, the things you aren’t likely to forget. We all have to savour these middles, because they will end, maybe years in the future, maybe in a few days’ time. But all the different little signs of affection and the fun, unusual things done, they all add up to make our relationships with everybody unique stories. 
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