Religion and Sexuality

I don’t believe that it is right to criticise anybody for their religious beliefs or for their sexuality. The way I see it, is that anything that is out of somebody’s control, is not something you can criticise them for: you couldn’t legitimately criticise anybody for their appearance, or for the sound of their voice, because that would just be ridiculous and I’m sure any reasonable person would agree with that. Therefore the same should apply to religion and sexuality. People certainly don’t choose who they love or who they find attractive; it’s different for all of us. At the same time, people don’t choose what they believe. We all see life through our own eyes and looking at all of the evidence leads different people in different directions; for one person, everything may point to Christianity, another Hinduism, another atheism, and that’s fair enough. So long as everybody accepts that these beliefs are not conscious choices, they shouldn’t discriminate based on them. I wanted to write this because it seems to me that people often suffer a lot because people can’t accept other religions or sexualities. Almost everywhere on the internet you see people saying things like “Christians are so stupid”, “atheists have no morals”, “lesbians are so butch”, “transsexuals are so creepy” but why? People are who they are and it is not for us to cast judgement and. in fact, many problems people have with certain groups stem from simple, but sad, misconceptions.

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