Repairing The Damage

For the past ten months, I’ve been working in a toxic and unpleasant workplace. I don’t want to go into the details, but I was very unhappy and it was causing me a huge deal of stress, to the point of it affecting my health. The good news is that Monday was my last day there and I am feeling much, much happier ever since leaving.

One thing that I have noticed since I left, is just how much it was effecting me. Back in the past, I felt like I was quite good at making conversation, but over the past ten months I see that most of the conversations I had with most of the people I knew were about the problems with my work. Somehow or another, I had allowed that job to become a defining part of my personality, of my very being, so any time I spoke to somebody, it would always tie back in to my work. It’s really nice to know that these things no longer effect me, but it also feels a bit strange and it will take some getting used to.

It’s a huge shame that this negative experience has weakened my conversational skills, but I think this is something which will soon change. Working in a negative environment gave me a more negative perspective on life, which caused me to focus more on negative things (like my work.) Leaving that negative environment will help me to become more positive once again and to focus on the more positive aspects of life (as before) and therefore broaden the things I can talk about. Either way, I’m glad it’s over and am looking hopefully to the future.

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