Returning to Writing

I know that for some people, once they’ve gone a little while without writing, it gets harder and harder for them to get back into the habit. It’s kind of like getting into the habit of not writing and then, on reflection, it seems hard to imagine that there was ever a period in their life when they had time in the average day to get some writing done. So, instead they do nothing, and also feel bad about doing nothing because they are a creative person and they need to write in order to be fulfilled.
    So what can you do to get that motivation back? Well, I have a piece of advice which I’d like to offer in this blog post which I hope will be useful to you if this is the situation you’re in. Doubtlessly, when you write you are writing for your own imagined audience and you imagine how they are responding to everything you produce. So what I suggest is watching some television shows or reading some books which were released after there had been a significant period without them; so the first novel in a series after ten years, or something like that. They always tend to carry a sense of excitement, as they were obviously written with the context of having been a return. Maybe you could even read about the upcoming return of something you are very fond of. Carry that same sense of excitement into your own work and imagine that by writing, your imaginary audience is getting their first new story after a long period. Hopefully this will prove to be a good form of motivation.

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