I remember a day very near the start of my time at university, where I was walking up a huge hill with a friend of mine on the way to their house (I was staying over to avoid a late trip back to Corsham). At the time I’d only really known this person for two months, and one of the months had been as an internet friend. At university, she was really my only friend (I had yet to have the pleasure of meeting David Tubb, Oscar Taylor-Kent or the website-less Naomi Brennan). As I walked through the city in the cold of night, I can remember exactly how it felt. There was an odd mixture of excitement and melancholia, it was the start of my time at university and there was that feeling that anything could happen there, and I’d have all kinds of new experiences, but at the same time I was feeling quite sad, I missed The Corsham School and my friends Ben, Dalfino, Davey, Egan, George, Laura, Rory, and all the rest (I made an entry about that actually).
    But this feeling changed, there was a real shift in the tone of, well, life in general. As I mentioned earlier, I met more people as time went by and everything became kind of cosy. Everything was nice and relaxing, I could meet up with friends, take walks, play games, watch DVDs, visit sweet and toy shops, have dinner, sleep over and all kinds of similar lovely things. It was excellent, it slowly developed throughout my first year at the university, and reached its climax in the second year. But, slowly but surely, things began to change and another shift is in progress. The wonderful ‘cosy’ era is doomed; it’s already started to change due to various factors, and will come to an inevitable end before long, which is very sad really. But, such is life, who knows how things will be in the future?
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