Short Hair, Long Confidence

After wearing my hair long for the past six years, I recently had it shaved off for charity. I am pretty pleased to have done so, because I was able to raise over £170 for Cancer Research UK. It’s also been a fairly interesting experience for me.

I was somewhat nervous about doing it, because I am quite fond of having long hair and it was such a drastic change. But despite mild reservations, the change hasn’t bothered me at all. In fact, the majority of people have been telling me how good it looks and how much it suits me, which is nice. One person commented that I have a very fortunately shaped head, which is a pleasant discovery.

I also feel that it is quite a confidence boost. It’s possible that I am imagining it, but I feel that people are actually taking me more seriously without my old long hair. I don’t really have any tangible evidence, but working in an office with a large number of people and I feel like the people I don’t really know are taking more time to interact with me, or to make friendly little comments. Do people respect short/bald hair more than long hair – even subconsciously? Maybe they do, maybe they don’t, but it certainly feels like they do. Either way, I like the experience of shaving my head and it offers good reassurance for me, should I ever go bald naturally.

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