Silly Pasty Lady

I don’t intend for this entry to sound rude or offensive, but, depending on how it turns out, it may well be either one of those things, or indeed both of them (hopefully not). Anywho, this entry is about a Silly Pasty Lady (as I’m sure you’ll have been able to gather from the title) and it is to this Silly Pasty Lady that I don’t mean to sound insulting (not that she’ll be reading this).
This brief anecdote begins just over a year ago when I was strolling around the streets of Bath with my friend Laura. Strolling around the streets for several hours will eventually make you hungry, so after a while we visited a small pasty shop. Here’s the small exchange between myself, Laura and the Silly Pasty Lady.

Me: Hello, I’ll have a cheese and onion pasty please.
Silly Pasty Lady: Okay, and what would you like?
Laura: I’ll have a pasty too, but not cheese and onion, a different flavour. (Of course, she did ask for a specific flavour, but I can’t remember what it was, I could guess, but I’m not going to take any artistic licence).
Silly Pasty Lady: Here you go (hands us the pasties).
Me: (realising the pasty is a little cold) could you heat mine up please?
Silly Pasty Lady: Yeah sure (takes my pasty and puts it into the oven for a few minutes while we wait in silence, then gives it back once its heated).
Me: Thank you 🙂
Laura: Hmm, actually, could you please heat mine up as well?
Silly Pasty Lady: (slight laugh) No, I just heated it up!
Laura: …

I had to use my Trusty Water Bottle to conceal my smirk, but luckily I didn’t have to do very much concealing as we left right after. Now, I’m not entirely sure how the pasty lady can have thought that she had just heated it up, perhaps she had a terrible memory and thought that we only had one pasty between us, or maybe she didn’t understand the way the world worked and thought that by heating up one pasty both would become warm. Who knows? Either way, it makes a very, very, very slightly acceptable story for a blog entry.
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