Single People Day

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I expect most people who are in a relationship will have had some kind of nice treat from their partner, but why are they any more worthy of something nice than any single people? Quite simply, they aren’t! As such, I decided I would write something nice about all of my friends who are single so that the people who wouldn’t be expecting anything on Valentine’s Day still get a small, but nice, surprise. So, without further ado, in alphabetical order (by last names) here we go!

Naomi Brennan
I first met Naomi in 2011 on one of my very first days at university, and since then the pair of us have become pretty good friends. She’s full to the brim of politeness and hospitality, for example, she’s one of the few people I know who own a car and should I ever have to go somewhere, she’ll almost certainly offer me a lift if she hears about it (which is good, because, lovely as they are, buses are not always the most reliable things). Plus, I quite often find myself staying in her house while she’s not there (student housing, others live there too) and she very kindly allows me to sleep in her bed while she’s away! It’s a very comfortable bed too. But, yes, that’s just two examples, I could give many more, but I want to keep these short little things, well, short!

Elliott Egan
Always referred to by his last name since he hates the name Elliott; I first met Egan sometime around 2007. He has always given me very useful feedback on my stories and even given inspiration for my writing (several anecdotes on here feature him quite prominently). Back in 2008 and 2009 I used to wander around Corsham at night along with Egan and one or two other people, and those are times which I’ll always remember very fondly. He’s got quite a laddish personality, but in a way that makes him very likeable, rather than in a way which makes him annoying. When I find myself going to nightclubs, I tend to try and stay with him because it saves me having to socialise with mid-level acquaintances in uncomfortable group events, and I tend to save him from doing things which would probably just kill him, so, we make a good team! I don’t get to see him even nearly often enough though, sadly.

Dalfino Madrigal Keyte
I can’t remember when I first met Dalfino (which is odd, I can remember how and when I met most people), but I have known him for over six years anyway. If it weren’t for him, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned many times, I wouldn’t have a blog at all! This whole thing was his idea, and what a good idea it was! I do feel there were times in the past where I was a little rude to him (sorry, Dalfino) but hopefully he can forgive me. He’s also a musician, and not one with a lack of talent either, maybe you should give his music a try? Sadly, I don’t get to see Dalfino as often as I used to, but when he’s around I can depend on him to pop into Bath and have a nice day wandering around and eating food!, which I always enjoy.

Mairi Mac Arthur
My best internet friend! And the only one who I ever actually meet in real life. I joined a site called “Who likes you?” (or something like that) in 2008 where you post a picture of yourself and a description and find out who thinks you look good. I, on the other hand, used it as a way to find readers (and put in my description that that was all I was interested in!) and that is how I met Mairi, and she has, indeed, been a very helpful reader! It’s always very nice to pop down and see her for the day, and just spend six hours wandering around the streets. With a good, and sometimes bizarre (in a good way), sense of humour and a very approachable attitude, she’s somebody who I imagine could befriend anybody, and according to Facebook she has about a thousand friends, so I guess that is correct!

George Moore
The oldest friend of mine on this list. I’ve known George ever since, at latest, 2003 and he has always been a good reliable friend ever since. Like Dalfino, I do feel there have been times when I was a little too rude towards him (sorry, George) but still, I have always valued him very highly. Sadly, these days, I don’t really get to see him very often (due to university) but I still see him at large group meals I arrange every few months, and I do occasionally have the very lovely surprise of passing him in the street, not quite often enough though! I think I should add.  George also is quite a good artist, as I have mentioned before, so go and take a look at his work!

David Tubb
Last but not least, as they say: David Tubb. I met him very early in my first year at university; we mainly started talking to one another as it was something to do during English Literature essays! We found ourselves to be quite likeminded and so quickly became friends. I’m sure readers of my blog will be familiar with David anyway, inventor of the Smell Catalogue and The Music Box Watch, and as somebody who has appeared in several anecdotes. As David often points out to me, he and I can have fun without doing anything, we can just sit there and chat and it will probably go on for quite some time, covering all kinds of interesting subjects.  He’s a very kind person and one who I can always depend on for a nice walk or a tasty pizza whenever I’m bored, so ours is a friendship I value very highly!

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